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Vienna, musical heart of Europe

Smarano (Predaia) РVienna 

25 July – 6 August 2022

2022 is the first of a three-year period dedicated to Vienna, one of the most important European music centers.
The first part of the three-year course will address the relationship between Vienna and Italy through the keyboard music of composers such as Frescobaldi, Froberger, Poglietti, Pasquini, Kerll and Muffat. Particular attention is paid to the figure of Emperor Lepolod I, a key figure for Viennese musical life in the late seventeenth century.
The workshops will address the repertoire of keyboard instruments such as Organ, Clavichord, Harpsichord, Claviorganum and, in the last year, Fortepiano, and will discuss the technical-executive aspects in the similarities and differences between the different instruments.
The program includes an excursion to Vienna (29-31 July 2022), to listen to and play the Woeckherl organ (1640) and the Sieber organ (1714), two splendid instruments among the most suitable for the program repertoire. They are in addition to the numerous instruments available during the courses in Smarano.

Workshops and Faculty:

Clavichord / Emblematic Music: G.Muffat, J.Kuhnau_Ulrika Davidsson, Joel Speerstra
Improvisation_William Porter
G.Frescobaldi / J.J.Froberger (organ)_Edoardo Bellotti
G.Frescobaldi / J.J.Froberger (harpsichord)_Enrico Baiano
Workshops in St.Francis and St. Michael (Vienna)_Johannes Ebenbauer, Manuel Schuen
A Poglietti / B.Pasquini / J.C.Kerll_Edoardo Bellotti
Music History / Emperor Leopold I, his music library_Greta Haenen
Music Sources and Performance_Armando Carideo